From Cacophony to Calm

Most of my life has been a whirl of chaos, a cacophony of sounds, a train of ideas that seldom reach their destination, and a completely lack of focus for more than short snippets of time. The process of being able to find, focus, and accept myself, seemed unattainable until the last year or so. Slowly I have begun to unlock the things that have been keys to who I am now and who I am becoming. My life keeps coming back to certain things, Karma, Energy, Creativity and Connecting with myself. This blog is an exploration of these things and about any and all experiences that might be intertwined with them.

I will note, these are my personal experiences and views, you may have things in common with me, or you may see me as mad, but if you learn something, are entertained, or for brief second have been lightened, I have done my job.



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