The Spiritual and Science: (Afterlife)


I was having a conversation recently with someone pertaining to the relationship between science and religion as it applies to death, more specifically what comes after. It is my personal belief that religion and science, do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, I find science and the continuing growth of it, actually supports my beliefs in some ways. The result of this conversation actually made me want explore all the ways science works with religion and not against it. It also, comforts me little more concerning the passing of my friends and heroes as of late. I lost a friend a couple weeks ago, and I’m just getting to really listening to Blackstar, because the death of Bowie hit me like a freight train and I could not listen to the new album for a long time. (You know/hear listening to Blackstar that he wasn’t long for this existence, and he knew it.)

I guess you are wonder how science could support an afterlife/continual existence. It comes down to one of the most basic principles in science. Science states that energy can change form but it cannot be created or destroyed. If a human being, just like everything else in the universe is made up of energy, then death is not a ceasing of being it is a transfer of energy from one place to another.

Your beliefs only dictate to you how or where that energy is transferred. If you are the type to believe in reincarnation, then maybe you believe your energy moves to another person or animal. Or perhaps your energy can be reincarnated and move anywhere perhaps into the sky, the stars, newly sprouted tree or into any part of the universe.

Perhaps when people think or believe they are experiencing past lives, they are just experiencing residual energy. Or perhaps ghosts/spirits are actually just energy that has remained stuck in one spot after passing.

Even Christianity and other Abrahamic religions if you use the word energy in place of the word spirit, you get a similar effect. They just believe their energy/spirit is moving to another place/plane. In science, it would be like your energy moving from here to another dimension. Science always poking around at the possibilities of other dimensions and dimensional travel. So again a spiritual/science possible connection. 

(There are even some folks that tie religious experiences to extraterrestrial life. Which again all links back.)

I am sure there are other topics I could explore where the spiritual and science diverge, perhaps I will explore this points more in the future.

For now until next time…

Blessed Be, Star

(If anyone has any other ideas, worth exploring on this topic or on other topics you wish me to write about, feel free to comment, with a topic only and i will attempt to touch on it the future.)


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