Small Kindnesses


Many people do small kind things for friends, family members and people they know.

Many do medium and large acts of kindness for family and those they truly care about.

We often forgot, to do small acts of kindness for strangers, maybe it’s because we believe only larger acts will have an impact.  This is not true.

Small acts of kindness not only make you feel better and they are an act of self-care and good karma and they pass along a bit of kindness and good energy to something or something else as well. (Unless you go around bragging about every nice thing you do then you aren’t doing them for the right reasons, and this make have a negative impact.)

Small acts of kindness are not hard.

-Hold the door for someone even if you’re late, or the weather is bad.

-Let the person in front of you in line at the store, cut back in front of you after they forgot that one single item in the store.

Pick up litter even if it is not yours as a kindness to this home we call earth.

Leave out small makeshift shelters for stray animals or wild animals in the winter. (I see a lot of bunnies where I live.)

When you are mad at someone or something, say nice things to people you are not mad at.

Even if you are having a horrible day, find time today and every day to do and say kind things to friends, to family, to loved ones, acquaintances and yes to random strangers you may never see again. Even do it to people who are not kind to you, this is a hard one I know!

One kind act a day makes us and the world less gray. 😉






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