Letting go of Hate

The choice to let go of hate for anyone that is causing you pain, or has caused you pain in the past is not an easy one.

We let go of hate not for the other person or thing but for ourselves. 

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting and it doesn’t mean giving up. It just means we have acknowledged a situation and we must learn from it and move on. 

Letting go of hate is an act of self-care and self-love. 

In this act we free ourselves. In this act, we free our soul, our spirit, our mind and our life.

We are not weak for letting go of hate, we are stronger, more dedicated, more focused, and able to see more clearly when we tear down this wall.

Do not confuse my lack of hate for a lack of caring, a lack of understanding, a lack of perspective. In fact, my understanding, my perspective, my compassion, my calm, my passion, and my desire to understand is greater for letting go of hate. 

Giving into hate is the easy way to empower oneself against unjust people and things. Hate feels empowering it slowly wraps itself around us and destroys us. Even in the case of the most righteous of causes.

I knowledge there is evil and unkindness in this world. I will try to understand it and deal with it to the best of my ability. I will fight against injustice, harm, and pain. I will do this without giving into hate.

I am not weak without hate. I see the world more clearly. I am strong.



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