Energy Uplift 1/10/17

(Between my regular posts I’ve decided to post little tips/ ideas on ways to use energy cleansing and/or just more positive thinking into daily life. Just like everyone else, I lead a busy life and it’s hard to find time to banish the buildup of negativity in it. Some of my tips may seem funny, but every little bit counts and if we fit it where we can and true believe then it works.)

Daily Energy Uplift 1/10/17

While driving image every green light is good energy coming your way and every red light is bad energy leaving.

Alternatively, you can use stop signs for bad energy leaving, and speed signs for good energy. (Whatever you want as long as it doesn’t distract you from driving.)

This is an even better activity for passengers as you can use anything you see to visualize good energy coming your way and bad energy leaving. You could even decide every green car is good energy coming and reds ones are bad energy leaving. 

Anything that works for you, and doesn’t distract you or the driver is good, only your imagination is the limit. 



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