Self Acceptance /Perspective Shift

Trigger Warning. (Suicide.)

     I heard about a Facebook Live feed the other day. It was a young girl, who took her own life via Facebook Stream. Why? From what I hear it was from constant internet bullying/trolling. The whole thing was tragic and possibly avoidable. My sympathy goes out to this person’s family.

  As a preteen, teenager and even through my 20s I suffered from serious depression. I made many mistakes and did on more than one occasion ponder actions that would not have allowed me to be here today. Fortunately, I did not have access to the just then start of internet bullying. I cannot begin to image what the youngest in our world have to go through, with the rise of the internet and the endless barrage of the media pounding at their self-esteem. (Not that we didn’t have the media pounded at our self-esteem in my youth.) In some ways I was lucky, my worst enemy was myself. Even if others said bad things to or about me it wasn’t the constant influx there is now. (Even if I did let others opinions of me drag me down at times.)

  I found myself talking to someone the other day about this story. I also found myself saying that wouldn’t happen to me because I don’t care about other people’s opinions of me. As soon as I said that. I realized it was actually true. The importance of this truth is great because I may have said similar things in the past, but only as a wall to protect my fragile self. I didn’t believe it before.

I am thankful self-acceptance has come full circle. 

 I am thankful for allowing myself to become a better and stronger person than I was.

My heart goes out to all that didn’t make it. Everyone that continues to struggle I understand and while I can’t promise you’ll make it through, I hope you do. You are all in my thoughts.



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