On Being Thoughtful  (www.theevolutionarymind.com)

state that our country (and the world) is in right now, we have to make sure we always maintain being thoughtful and mindful of others. In a world dominated by hate and disgust, there is nothing stronger than being above that and using your good will to make a serious impact. Passing on generosity to those around you is not only good for them, but it is very beneficial to you. Being a person who will go through leaps and bounds in order to make other better will give you a sense of pride. With that pride you will find that inner glow that you have been looking for. You have to pride yourself in what you are doing no matter what. No matter how hard it might seem. If the job you are doing sucks, be the best at it, and take pride. Think about this, there is always someone out there who has it worse off than you. Don’t take what you have for granted, no matter what the situation is. There is always good in every situation, even in the worst of times. Just keep moving forward, the light at the end of the tunnel may seem far away, but the journey to get there is well worth the trek. Keep your thoughts open and free of negativity. Have a wonderful day!

Source: On Being Thoughtful

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