The Individual vs. The Belief

I will not hate or dislike some solely based on their religion. I cannot say this enough.

I take each human being on a case by case basis.

I understand not everyone follows their religion strictly, and others quite strictly.

Some take their religious teaching metaphorical, some literally.

Some people are raised in a religion from birth, that they can not escape, or can only leave at the risk of being cut off from their families or death.

Some people join a religion, change their world view, and then realize there is no way out.

If your belief system teaches disregard for me, intolerance, mere tolerance, or even wishes me ill will or even death, I will not hate you. I may be more cautious around some people, even if they are kind to me, but I will not, and cannot fuel hate with hate.

Are there some religions, and belief systems that I think the world would be kinder without? That there would be less war and violence without? Of course. There are many things about some belief systems, that sadness me, that I wish would be stricken from the earth.

However, the earth, the universe, all life is about balance. We need evil to have good. One is not possible without the other. (We also must continue to seek balance when it is lost. ) 

As long as you are, and genuine and kind to me and mine, I will do the same in kind.




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