The Flag was Burning…

I dream vividly, intensely and often. This happened often in my youth than mostly stopped. The reemergence seemed to coincide with my spiritual journey, with my path to find balance and centeredness within myself. While I do have silly, weird, fantastical dreams, (like the one I had about flying superhero Benedict Cumberbatch) I also have unsettling ones and nightmares.

I’m trying to do better at writing my dreams down.

I’m trying to have more control over them, but it’s not easy.

Last night I had one that I could not shake, nor forget. I was at work, and strange men came to the front of the building, and in plain view and  burned a very large over-sized flag of the United States. They were screaming things through the glass. Things that I could not hear, yet somehow I understood. Then I woke up. I tried to fall back to sleep to finish the dream to fix things, or at least to understand them more. This did not happen.

Is this dream a manifestation of the future, my own stressors or just what happens when you read too much news before bed? I’m not sure. All I know that unlike some of the sweeter dreams I have I hope this one never comes true.




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