The Uncomfortablness of Understanding.

It is both a blessing and a curse to be the sort of person, who is willing to examine things from different perspectives, even more so when you’re a compassionate empath.

I’m watching a divide emerge in my home country, we were once on our way to being a great republic but now I see families torn apart. I also find it hard to engage in conversations with others. I squirm, when people leave out facts that skew the information to their side, even if it’s a side I agree mostly with. I am that weird outlier who is constantly trying to find the “what ifs”. Who is always trying to get people to see where someone else maybe coming from, even if it’s not my side, or even if I don’t agree with either side. Even if an enemy stands across from me, I will still try to understand and see what they see even if I don’t agree.

Sometimes I share these viewpoints. Sometimes I pull back. Sharing where someone else may be coming from that I don’t agree with… may make people assume things about me that aren’t true, or just cause anger or hate towards me that I don’t need.

It seems to be human nature, to find your point of veiw, and stick to and latch on to for dear life and to disregard the other side, out of fear, hate, lack of understand. Even if one side causes fear and hate. I will still search to understand the root of it. Maybe I’m just an odd duck in the human race.




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