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Karma: Energy Starts With You

To attain good Karma you must put good energy into the universe.

Do not expect to have good things and energy come your way without effort.

Making sure you take care of yourself is a very important part of this.

If you do not take care of yourself and have good energy and within yourself, what you put back into the universe will be limited.

If you take care of yourself, the good energy you put back into the universe may be limitless. 




Mistakes and Challenges: Perception Counts.

We make mistakes, and we come up against challenges frequently but it’s how we handle these things that mold us.

Do we break down?

Do we give up?

Do we pass our troubles off to someone else?

Or do we work hard, push on through, and ask for help when needed?

Of course some things we cannot control. In these cases, it is how we handle them that matters.

If we can handle the hard moments, with dignity and pride, and put as much good energy into a bad energy situations as possible we will see more positive outcomes. Even if the only outcome is better mental stability, peace of mind, happiness, and the creation of more positive energy in the universe.

The problems we face and mistakes we make only drag us down when we let them. Of course, we are not perfect, but if we strive to have a better outlook on life, we will see how much better our lives can be.


The Evolution of the Religious

 A person could read every text from and about a single religion, talk to people in the religion, even be part of that religion and STILL not understand it fully. Why? This is because religion and individuals are constant evolving.

In the history of the world, there have always been lives lost, people harmed and discriminated against basis on religion. What many of us fail to see this that, regardless of a religion’s text, rules, laws, governing, etc.., there will always be some of its followers who either stay steady in the whatever they consider its original intent to be or others who see the need to either push change, or to at least, make changes within themselves. Over the last 50 years or so, we’ve seen some religions evolve, maybe because they realize the only way to survive is to become kinder and more accepting? Even the church I was raised in as a child didn’t allow people of color to hold certain positions until 1978. Crazy, Right? Even now, you can have two churches in the same town, preaching the same religion, but one has evolved to be kinder and more accepting. Change in religion comes slowly but it comes.

Individuals are much the same. They may follow a religion, it may be an intricate part of their life, but they may actively or passively remove themselves from the negative elements of their belief system. They may stay with a religion despite not accepting some of the elements of it. They may live in a state of cognitive dissonance, constantly reconciling, and trying to make their religion and personal beliefs fit together. (Some/Many people spend their whole lives this way.)

We cannot understand what a person believes based solely on their religion because people are too complex. We do not know what goes on in the mind of the individual, we do not know if someone is hoping for things in their faith to change. We cannot know for certain if they will be kind and honest despite their belief system calling for something else towards some people, and we do not know what kind of cognitive dissonance a person is dealing with. Assuming that we understand any other human we do not know intimately is one of the worst mistakes we can make. (Especially since many of us do not fully understand ourselves.)

I as an individual I can condemn hate, violence, bigotry, and oppression. I also cannot personally judge an individual based on their belief system, without knowing what they personally believe. With some religions, it may be near impossible to know what someone really believes due to the nature of their belief system and where or if they diverge from their religious teaching. In these cases, I advise caution over hatred and judgment. (Hate only begets more hate.) If you decide to be cautious, don’t forget to be kind and lead by example!

I am not a perfect individual, but I will continue to decide my feelings about other human being basis on how they treat me and how they treat others. I will not be judge and jury over another human being because their religion, I only will hope the best for them. I will hope they are or will become a kind, loving person, regardless of anything else.

– Star





Achieving the Unattainable

I am always trying to find balance in everything in life. (Mostly because I spent my youth without it.) Expecting to achieve that perfect balance in all aspects of our lives is an unattainable goal. While we should not expect perfection, we should continue to strive for balance anyways. (We cannot expect  perfection because we cannot control the actions of others or the world around us, and trying to leads to more chaos/unbalance.)

One of the things we need to strive for balance is in self-care and care for others. If we only ever put ourselves first there is no balance, or if we only ever put others first there is also a problem. (I’ve found myself in the latter category most of my life.)

On a daily basis, I try to think, what do I have to do today? How could these things help or affect my partner, pets, family, and friends etc… How can I help others while helping myself?

Working towards balance in this and all things is one of the most centering, rewarding, and often helpful things we can do for ourselves and others in this existence.



Animals Understand. Why can’t We?

Even my cats understand that water is life.

I have one cat that will literally drink water from anything…a bowl, the sink, the toilet if you let him, even the snow off your shoes. Animals understand the importance of natural resources. (My cats even cherish every box and bag made from every tree we destroy.)

We know that we are made up of mostly water, we know we need it to survive, but we forget how important it is anyways. We start to filter our water at home for freshness or we buy from fresher sources overseas where it is yet untainted and all this as we continuously destroy the resources around us, in the name of money and progress. Water is life if we destroy our water sources we destroy ourselves.

We think of karma in terms of how we treat each other. Karma is also determined by how we treat Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is precious. Water is Life.


Mental Blocks, Meditation, and Imagery.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to writing something, anything, with little results. There is this unsteadying feeling in the air and in the world at large. I feel like a Jenga tower, with some of the pieces half way pushed out, and I’m trying to suck them back in.

I’ve been pondering cognitive distance and in which, if any ways, that it might relate to me. I am trying to understand things based on what I’ve experienced and trying to interpret conflicting information that is being thrown my way.  It is exhaustive sorting it all out.

I tried to meditate myself out of my funk last night, and it was an intense experience of warm energy entwined with similar images repeating over and over again in my mind. First I was thinking about a wooden block with tar dripping off it, then a large log with the same thing happening and finally, I was imaging I was a tree with tar dripping off me and onto the ground and dissolving like acid and dispearing. Maybe it was mental attempt to remove the negative energy that keeps trying to attach itself to me. I’m still not sure.

I just hope I find a remedy to whatever it is that is troubling me and keeping me from writing serious content soon.


Off Kilter

Yesterday was a completely off-kilter, unbalanced day. I couldn’t seem to do anything without tripping myself up, there seemed to be chaos buzzing in the air. I ended up putting the Nawang Khechog station on at work to focus.

( Nawang is a wonderful  Tibetan flute player and composer.)

I know some of us will do anything to protect ourselves from chaos and negative energy. We all have our own rituals, whether  mental or  physical. (Even if it’s just that morning cup of coffee.) Personally, I love some good sage.  I love the smell of it when it burns, and it reminds me to be centered, balance and serves as a sort of psychic protection.

Does anyone else have any rituals daily of otherwise, they used to ready themselves for the day and whatever it might throw at them?

The Flag was Burning…

I dream vividly, intensely and often. This happened often in my youth than mostly stopped. The reemergence seemed to coincide with my spiritual journey, with my path to find balance and centeredness within myself. While I do have silly, weird, fantastical dreams, (like the one I had about flying superhero Benedict Cumberbatch) I also have unsettling ones and nightmares.

I’m trying to do better at writing my dreams down.

I’m trying to have more control over them, but it’s not easy.

Last night I had one that I could not shake, nor forget. I was at work, and strange men came to the front of the building, and in plain view and  burned a very large over-sized flag of the United States. They were screaming things through the glass. Things that I could not hear, yet somehow I understood. Then I woke up. I tried to fall back to sleep to finish the dream to fix things, or at least to understand them more. This did not happen.

Is this dream a manifestation of the future, my own stressors or just what happens when you read too much news before bed? I’m not sure. All I know that unlike some of the sweeter dreams I have I hope this one never comes true.



Self Acceptance /Perspective Shift

Trigger Warning. (Suicide.)

     I heard about a Facebook Live feed the other day. It was a young girl, who took her own life via Facebook Stream. Why? From what I hear it was from constant internet bullying/trolling. The whole thing was tragic and possibly avoidable. My sympathy goes out to this person’s family.

  As a preteen, teenager and even through my 20s I suffered from serious depression. I made many mistakes and did on more than one occasion ponder actions that would not have allowed me to be here today. Fortunately, I did not have access to the just then start of internet bullying. I cannot begin to image what the youngest in our world have to go through, with the rise of the internet and the endless barrage of the media pounding at their self-esteem. (Not that we didn’t have the media pounded at our self-esteem in my youth.) In some ways I was lucky, my worst enemy was myself. Even if others said bad things to or about me it wasn’t the constant influx there is now. (Even if I did let others opinions of me drag me down at times.)

  I found myself talking to someone the other day about this story. I also found myself saying that wouldn’t happen to me because I don’t care about other people’s opinions of me. As soon as I said that. I realized it was actually true. The importance of this truth is great because I may have said similar things in the past, but only as a wall to protect my fragile self. I didn’t believe it before.

I am thankful self-acceptance has come full circle. 

 I am thankful for allowing myself to become a better and stronger person than I was.

My heart goes out to all that didn’t make it. Everyone that continues to struggle I understand and while I can’t promise you’ll make it through, I hope you do. You are all in my thoughts.


Full Moon Fever

While I am not sure about the science behind it, I know the moon at its fullest effects us. When at all possible I try to take it off of work, work less, or keep to myself as much as possible.

What I am wondering is what side effects to people experience from the full moon on themselves or others? Does it effect everyone unknowingly or just people more sensitive?

Personally, it affects my sleep pattern for several days. The three days the moon is at the fullest I find myself waking every hour or two, even when the rest of the month I sleep normally.

Also, the full moon tends to coexist with the onset of every new menstrual migraine I get. Coincidence? I don’t know.