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Be Your Own Architect

A big sign of personal growth is realizing that you are dealing with things in your life better than you used to, but realizing this only after the situation occurs or at least much further into it. (As opposed to actively having to figure out how to mentally handle every new thing at its start.)

When you work hard enough to be a better, kinder, more centered you, eventually it comes more easily.

I don’t just write about trying to live a better, more positive, freer, karma friendly life. I try to live it to the best of my own abilities. I’ve spent so much time, focusing on getting rid of negative thoughts, working towards better karma, happiness, and overall balance, that I can now do things that would have been much more challenging in the past, often without even thinking about them. I just start innately doing the best possible thing. Whether it’s being kind to people I’ve have issues with in the past or dealing with the big stuff life throws my way that I can’t control with as much grace and dignity as possible. (I’ve also seen a remarkable shift in my stress levels lowering.)

Be your own Architect, build your self up to be centered, clam and kind. Negativity is easy, but it will never very make you the best you can be.




Karma: Energy Starts With You

To attain good Karma you must put good energy into the universe.

Do not expect to have good things and energy come your way without effort.

Making sure you take care of yourself is a very important part of this.

If you do not take care of yourself and have good energy and within yourself, what you put back into the universe will be limited.

If you take care of yourself, the good energy you put back into the universe may be limitless. 



Animals Understand. Why can’t We?

Even my cats understand that water is life.

I have one cat that will literally drink water from anything…a bowl, the sink, the toilet if you let him, even the snow off your shoes. Animals understand the importance of natural resources. (My cats even cherish every box and bag made from every tree we destroy.)

We know that we are made up of mostly water, we know we need it to survive, but we forget how important it is anyways. We start to filter our water at home for freshness or we buy from fresher sources overseas where it is yet untainted and all this as we continuously destroy the resources around us, in the name of money and progress. Water is life if we destroy our water sources we destroy ourselves.

We think of karma in terms of how we treat each other. Karma is also determined by how we treat Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is precious. Water is Life.


Off Kilter

Yesterday was a completely off-kilter, unbalanced day. I couldn’t seem to do anything without tripping myself up, there seemed to be chaos buzzing in the air. I ended up putting the Nawang Khechog station on at work to focus.

( Nawang is a wonderful  Tibetan flute player and composer.)

I know some of us will do anything to protect ourselves from chaos and negative energy. We all have our own rituals, whether  mental or  physical. (Even if it’s just that morning cup of coffee.) Personally, I love some good sage.  I love the smell of it when it burns, and it reminds me to be centered, balance and serves as a sort of psychic protection.

Does anyone else have any rituals daily of otherwise, they used to ready themselves for the day and whatever it might throw at them?

The Individual vs. The Belief

I will not hate or dislike some solely based on their religion. I cannot say this enough.

I take each human being on a case by case basis.

I understand not everyone follows their religion strictly, and others quite strictly.

Some take their religious teaching metaphorical, some literally.

Some people are raised in a religion from birth, that they can not escape, or can only leave at the risk of being cut off from their families or death.

Some people join a religion, change their world view, and then realize there is no way out.

If your belief system teaches disregard for me, intolerance, mere tolerance, or even wishes me ill will or even death, I will not hate you. I may be more cautious around some people, even if they are kind to me, but I will not, and cannot fuel hate with hate.

Are there some religions, and belief systems that I think the world would be kinder without? That there would be less war and violence without? Of course. There are many things about some belief systems, that sadness me, that I wish would be stricken from the earth.

However, the earth, the universe, all life is about balance. We need evil to have good. One is not possible without the other. (We also must continue to seek balance when it is lost. ) 

As long as you are, and genuine and kind to me and mine, I will do the same in kind.



Tolerance vs. Acceptance

There are many religious that teach kindness and tolerance but still don’t teach full acceptance for certain types of people and groups of people. People in many faiths and spiritual paths have to choose to accept people fully beyond the constrictions of their faith. This is a good thing. I hope this is a growing idea.

Not wanting there to be a divide between doctrine and personal belief. I chose to follow another path. My belief system does not teach hate, mere tolerance, or partial acceptance, it teaches acceptance for all. It teaches me to live my life in a way that causes no harm to other living beings AND makes me happy. (Yes, unfortunately, there are a few of my faith,  who do hold prejudices and not don’t acceptance some. The minority.) However, you will find no word of doctrine, teaching you not to accept someone.

My belief system does not teach hate, mere tolerance, or partial acceptance, it teaches acceptance for all. It teaches me to live my life in a way that causes no harm to other living beings AND makes me happy.  If they are unkind, unfair, or evil, we may guard ourselves, but pretty much they only qualifier is if you are good, and fair you are accepted. No doctrine otherwise.

I wish this was the kind of world we all lived in. If we could all follow our own paths, beliefs, and religions but take out the parts teaching us to only tolerance of some, or even hate others, what a beautiful kind world it would be.





Full Moon Fever

While I am not sure about the science behind it, I know the moon at its fullest effects us. When at all possible I try to take it off of work, work less, or keep to myself as much as possible.

What I am wondering is what side effects to people experience from the full moon on themselves or others? Does it effect everyone unknowingly or just people more sensitive?

Personally, it affects my sleep pattern for several days. The three days the moon is at the fullest I find myself waking every hour or two, even when the rest of the month I sleep normally.

Also, the full moon tends to coexist with the onset of every new menstrual migraine I get. Coincidence? I don’t know.



Letting go of Hate

The choice to let go of hate for anyone that is causing you pain, or has caused you pain in the past is not an easy one.

We let go of hate not for the other person or thing but for ourselves. 

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting and it doesn’t mean giving up. It just means we have acknowledged a situation and we must learn from it and move on. 

Letting go of hate is an act of self-care and self-love. 

In this act we free ourselves. In this act, we free our soul, our spirit, our mind and our life.

We are not weak for letting go of hate, we are stronger, more dedicated, more focused, and able to see more clearly when we tear down this wall.

Do not confuse my lack of hate for a lack of caring, a lack of understanding, a lack of perspective. In fact, my understanding, my perspective, my compassion, my calm, my passion, and my desire to understand is greater for letting go of hate. 

Giving into hate is the easy way to empower oneself against unjust people and things. Hate feels empowering it slowly wraps itself around us and destroys us. Even in the case of the most righteous of causes.

I knowledge there is evil and unkindness in this world. I will try to understand it and deal with it to the best of my ability. I will fight against injustice, harm, and pain. I will do this without giving into hate.

I am not weak without hate. I see the world more clearly. I am strong.


Small Kindnesses


Many people do small kind things for friends, family members and people they know.

Many do medium and large acts of kindness for family and those they truly care about.

We often forgot, to do small acts of kindness for strangers, maybe it’s because we believe only larger acts will have an impact.  This is not true.

Small acts of kindness not only make you feel better and they are an act of self-care and good karma and they pass along a bit of kindness and good energy to something or something else as well. (Unless you go around bragging about every nice thing you do then you aren’t doing them for the right reasons, and this make have a negative impact.)

Small acts of kindness are not hard.

-Hold the door for someone even if you’re late, or the weather is bad.

-Let the person in front of you in line at the store, cut back in front of you after they forgot that one single item in the store.

Pick up litter even if it is not yours as a kindness to this home we call earth.

Leave out small makeshift shelters for stray animals or wild animals in the winter. (I see a lot of bunnies where I live.)

When you are mad at someone or something, say nice things to people you are not mad at.

Even if you are having a horrible day, find time today and every day to do and say kind things to friends, to family, to loved ones, acquaintances and yes to random strangers you may never see again. Even do it to people who are not kind to you, this is a hard one I know!

One kind act a day makes us and the world less gray. 😉